About King Task Force

The Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services have become one of the most desired business concepts throughout the world. A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional who works virtually or remotely for a particular client. We offer reliable and cost-effective virtual assistant services to our clients around ...

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We Value Our Customers

We value time and know how quickly time can get away when you have a lengthy to-do list. Some of the to-do’s carry over because you simply don’t want to do it. It still needs to be done. 

Fill in the blank: “I’d rather be or could be___________________.” Did you say relaxing, spending time with family, traveling, ...

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KTF Focus and Standards

The focus of King Task Force is global and standards are high quality in terms of delivering world class virtual assistant services to clients. Client-focused, our primary goal is to provide the best possible services to our clients consistently. The Task Force Team is highly proficient and smart enough to ...

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Yvonne Henderson

As you know, we have had some really detailed conversations in the past in regards to improving credit scores and just overall improving my way of life financially.

After losing my husband unexpectedly over six years ago, I just became overwhelmed with trying to handle my personal business and deciding what all I could and could not afford to do financially. Reaching out to you was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. You were able to see things that I just couldn't see or had just overlooked. Anyway, you were able to help me get some things removed from my credit that should have never been there in the first place and you were able to remove things that were in my deceased husband's name that had moved over to reflect on my score. In a matter of two months, my credit score had gone up by over 50 points! What I like most that you are ALWAYS willing to talk through situations. Even if it has been a while since we had a review, you're always there. I would definitely recommend Nonjala not only for credit improvement, but for whatever you're dealing with! I'm willing to say if she doesn’t have the answer she will certainly do the research to find it. She is a keeper!!!


11 Reviews

Notary service was perfect! She reviewed each document and made sure I understood what I was signing.

Apr 26, 2024
Bryan Berry